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Cycles - Based on police crime statistics released in June 2011 half a million cycles are stolen each year

2012-07-01 08:00
Cycles - Based on police crime statistics released in June 2011 half a million cycles are stolen each year
Cycling groups say that recovery of stolen cycles is very low indeed - as little as 5% - the main problem being the inability to prove ownership. This is why it is so important for cycles to be marked and registered.   

Our Retainaguard product visibly and permanently marks cycles with a unique security code and the 24/7/365 contact telephone number of our International Security Register (ISR).Cycle and owner details are recorded on the ISR, and can be verified immediately by our fully trained operators under strict security protocols - for just the price of a phone call.

If a cycle has been reported stolen, this will be notified to the enquirer. Alternatively a check can be made by visiting and entering the unique security code. If a stolen cycle is found, we can arrange for it to be reunited with its registered owner.
Laser cut ultra destruct labels are provided with a UV fluid that safely etches the code and phone number into the cycle frame so that even if the labels are removed by a determined thief the mark will still be readable under ultra-violet light (standard Police Equipment). The system makes it very risky for the thief to try and sell a marked and registered cycle because one phone call can quickly uncover the fact that they are not the owner.
There are no annual fees or subscriptions. ISR operators are security vetted to British Standard 7858 and the marking process and the ISR are accredited to the appropriate Standards which can be seen at Our Accreditations page.
The product is widely used by UK Police and is sold in Spain by Biciprotect.
Our products and the ISR are fully accredited to the appropriate Standards. Please visit our Accreditation section for details.
If you are looking for innovative, cost effective solutions to deter and detect crime please call us on + 0800982669 (24h)


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